An E Yoga Workshop with Elizabeth "EJ" Neuse

Saturday, November 29, 2014 2:00-5:00pm

Valley Vinyasa Yoga Studio

Chesterfield, MO 

The Holiday Season is just beginning. Do you already feel overwhelmed and depleted? In this workshop you will learn yoga postures to detoxify the liver and aid digestion, breathing techniques to renew energy and balance a scattered mind, guided meditation to cultivate patience and gratitude, as well as visualization techniques to create a powerful intention for the New Year.

  • Detoxifying and Restorative Yoga Pstures
  • Energizing Breathing Practices
  • Guided Meditation 
  • Creative Visualization 

$35 Pre-registration, $40 Day-Of

Space is Limited to 30 participants!

Register on-line at


Chakra Healing Series
An E Yoga Workshop with Elizabeth Neuse Flint
Saturdays  Jan-July 2015  1:00-6:00pm
Yoga Works Soho
Register On-line at
Full Series $750 / Invivdual Workshops $120
Jan 10 Root Chakra
Jan 24 Sacral Chakra
Mar 7 Solar Chara
April 4 Heart Chakra
May 2 Throat Chakra
June 13 Third Eye Chakra
July 18 Crown Chakra

The chakras are energy wheels located just outside of the actual physical body that send information from the outside world through the body via the nervous system. A healthy chakra filters out negative material, allowing only what is nourishing to enter the body. When chakras are depleted or blocked, unhealthy energy seeps in and lodges itself in the energetic field, making it much more difficult to heal the body, mind and heart.

In this 7-part series you will embark on a journey through the chakras, using yoga, meditation, pranayama, visualization and shamanic healing techniques to remove blockages and restore each chakra to its natural, powerful state.

In this series you will learn:

  • Chakra Theory to give background to the healing work
  • Specific Asana Sequences to heal and energize each of the seven major chakras
  • Pranayama Techniques to remove energetic blockages and revitalize the chakras
  • Meditation and Visualization Practices to aid healing and enhance the power of transformation
  • Shamanic Healing Techniques to remove harmful energy imprints in order to create new and powerful patterns in the body and mind

*This workshop series is appropriate for students with some yoga and meditation experience, as well as teachers and healers interested in enhancing their healing prowess. Accommodations will be made for students with health issues.

*This series will include time to practice healing techniques with others.